Piper's Portfolio!

Hiya! My name's Piper (she/they) & I'm a freshman at Agnes Scott College, as well as a Class of 2022 graduate from Cambridge High School in Milton, GA. This is my portfolio page! You can browse a few examples of what I've done below.

Program Edits

While a student at Cambridge, I was part of the AVTF program, a GDOT-certified Career Tech & Education (CTAE) pathway made to prepare students for the film & television industry. The program also partners with SkillsUSA & guarantees a certification with the state upon completion, which is displayed on the participant's high school diploma.As a senior, I was a regular contributor to our main production, The Bridge, most often making commercials and participating in the Newswire segment, in addition to assisting other segments, and participated in each of our 22 episodes for Season 10. This production was widely by the student body, and often beyond as well; parents viewed the program just as much as the students. Additionally, by the end of my senior year, I had achieved both the pathway completion and workplace readiness seal in the program.I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the program, and look forward to using the skills I learned to excel in future endeavors. Below, you can find several episodes I've worked on; I've put the exact timestamps above each video.

Episode 1: Freshman Tailgate Commercial (3:45-4:15)

Episode 2: Newswire (2:26-4:43)

Episode 3: Wrestling Commercial (4:38-5:08)

Episode 4: Sock Drive Commercial (6:39-7:09)

Episode 5: Newswire & Credit Roll (3:15-4:00, 13:27-14:10)

Episode 6: Newswire & Credit Roll (2:14-4:23, 9:14-9:51)

Episode 7: Pom-Pom Hat Commercial & Credit Roll (6:50-7:20, 13:08-13:51)

Fandom Edits

I am always indulging in pop culture, especially different fandom spaces, and over the last few years, I have particularly found myself interested in edits & editing videos of some of my favorite characters and shows. While the majority of these have been relatively small, I'm still quite proud of them. However, a few have made some notable ripples in the water.In March 2020, I posted a Steven Universe edit that quickly garnered over 16,000 views on Twitter, which has since been my most popular upload to date. This edit was retweeted by the official Cartoon Network account, and remains a driving force in my creative life and motivation today.Below, you can find a few examples of my more creative edits, including the aforementioned video.

Short Films

In addition to being an avid lover of existing content, I also love making my own original content! Below are four short films of mine, two of which were primarily solo content, and two others that were for my Dramatic Writing course in my senior year of high school.The first video of the former category, "Seize the Day", is a short film about a high school student in a rough patch in their life. However, a letter from their college-bound sibling might just be the one thing to keep them moving forward.The latter video is a short film I produced for a Fellowship opportunity with Global Leadership Adventures. I participated in a volunteer experience in Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands in June 2021 and was tasked to make a video about my experiences.The final pair of videos are a short pilot and trailer that I helped produce with fellow students during my senior year. While I did not contribute as much to the writing and shooting aspect in these videos, I did edit them both, and they were well-received by both my group members and my classmates.


Besides being a video editor, I heavily enjoy photography, and taking pictures has been one of my favorite hobbies in recent years. I consider it an art and a great way to document things; I don't think I'd remember as much about my life if I didn't have images to go along with it.All of these pictures are my own; a few have some editing done in Adobe Lightroom.